Dissertation Formatting

Formatting a dissertation means lots of spellcheck. You probably won’t find a lot of bold font or italics in a dissertation. If anything, you want 80% of the text to be the same. Same style, size, color, etc. A dissertation is not all over the place in terms of formatting. In fact, many professors will look for any variation in the document and deduct points for any abrupt changes in font.

Formatting also consists of spacing. Spacing is an important part of your dissertation. Most of the dissertation will require the same spacing throughout the document. Because the text needs to remain constant, spacing may actually turn out to be more of a concern than formatting font. For checking the correct amount of spacing in the document, or the right font/formatting, you should look at a dissertation template. There are many templates available on the Internet for different styles and forms of writing. The template will tell you how to introduce your argument, how to define the thesis, and how to list relevant source material for quotes, as well as how to use quotes and other forms of proof within your dissertation.

Use of Dissertation Formatting Templates

There are templates available online that will explain how to format your paper. When to use bold, when to use italics, when to use headings. Some templates will tell you to use full capitals for the title. On the left side is a headings pane in Microsoft Word that allows you to move through the document, and find where to use certain types of formatting. The table of contents also has a specific formatting method which must be utilized.

Microsoft Word would be the most used program in terms of writing essays and papers of this sort. Using the most up to date version of Word is good, especially if others you are communicating with also use the latest version. Older versions can sometimes experience formatting challenges when working with newer versions. E.G if you use Word 2007 and your professor uses the latest version.

For most students this should not be a problem, if you are using an up to date laptop with latest specs.