Dissertation Editing


Writing a dissertation is difficult enough. Having a loyal and trustworthy person to edit your dissertation is not a luxury we all enjoy. Why is having your dissertation edited so important? Well, think of your writing like a layer of ice. It’s snowed recently, and there’s a thin layer of snow on top of the ice. In order to get to the ice, you have to scrape away that thin layer. You also need the final dissertation piece to be powerful; to make an argument and be able to re-enforce that argument. It would be a shame to spend a lot of time writing a dissertation, and not polish it off after via some good editing techniques.

Even if you have a good friend who will edit your work painstakingly, they may not be a professional editor. In fact, there are few people who have a natural talent for writing. Often you can tell who does immediately if you pick up something they wrote, and read it. If you do have a flair for writing, you need someone editing your work who is of an equal or greater skill than you are. It’s kind of like a mentor – student relationship. The best person to edit your work is likely to be a parent, a professor; someone older who has many more years of experience writing than you do.

Some people have different writing styles. One thing that’s important in writing a dissertation is to keep the tense the same. So your dissertation may be in past tence, present tence, etc. But don’t change them throughout the structure of the dissertation. If you start in a present tense, keep the dialog and structure of the dissertation within those confines.

Because of the fact that having a senior, professional writer to edit your dissertation is so necessary; you may consider hiring an external service to edit your dissertation. Even if you’ve written a quality paper, having the paper edited is just as important. You can’t submit a dissertation full of spelling errors. Grammatical errors can be more difficult to spot as well. It’s critical to have your paper edited by someone (or a company of people) that have experience in writing, editing, revision and strong writing capabilities.